How I Made A Living Online – Earning 4k-5k/Month – Part 1

For some, this may be nothing. But for others, I do hope my past experiences will act to inspire and motivate. This is my story, and this is how I made a living online, earning 4k-5k per month by working and dedicating my life into succeeding online.

You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough

Since a young age, I had always envisioned myself working from anywhere in the world. Having absolute freedom to travel while working from the convenience of my laptop. To make a living online was the dream and somehow I always knew that through online marketing, I would someday get there.

I had started my journey with no knowledge about building websites, hosting, marketing or business in general, but only recently have I realised that every human being is born with a passion in something. And until we’ve found that very special something, we should never give up in our search – no matter what.

This brings me to my story..

In March 2009, I had built my first website using the WordPress platform and had bought my first ever, shared hosting server. During the time, I had contemplated building the website on the WordPress self-hosted platform, where the URL would look like the following: The WordPress hosted websites were recommended for newbies, but the idea of my website looking like a shabby sub-domain simply did not appeal to me at all.

Like many first website-owners, the feeling of owning your first website was astonishing. My niche was within the entertainment sector (video streaming to be exact). I was highly interested and highly passionate about the niche at the time – this was my motivation.

One week into the launch, the website had slowly started to build a steady flow of traffic, reaching up to 300-500 through consistent promotion and forum advertising. At this point in time, I had no idea what I was doing nor did I have any plans to advertise. Sometimes it’s best to just take action and trust in your gut instinct.

I was working at Sydney’s only casino at the time and dealing cards wasn’t exactly where I saw myself in 10 years time, so I loved the idea of having my own personal projects on the side. In saying that, my new website had slowly started to become a part of my daily routine, it was addictive and fun. I’d post updates upon waking up in the morning, monitor traffic on work breaks, rush to post more updates upon arriving home and constantly attempt to attract new traffic.

Four months later, the website had started to reach traffic figures of 1,000-1,500. Astonished by these figures, I had decided it was time to implement Google AdSense. This was my first attempt at monetization and I had no idea what I was doing. I was frantically learning about ad sizes, ad positions, CTR, CPC, CPM and a whole lot more, though what I had discovered was, this had actually really fascinated me. The same initial feeling of building a website and monitoring traffic had struck once again, the monetization concept was the icing on the cake – I loved it.

For the next few months, I was steadily pulling in 300-400USD per month, with server expenses costing me 20USD per month. I was thrilled by the returns but deep inside I knew I still had a long way to go.. a really, really long way to go.

In July 2009, I had peaked at 6,500 visits. This was the result of a very popular website, from the same niche, linking to one of my newest posts, it had only lasted for 4-5 days but the returns were enough to satisfy me.

By the end of October 2009, the website was taking it’s toll. There was a consistent incoming flow of DMCA notices, video requests and more. I knew I couldn’t keep the website well-maintained for any longer and recruiting staff wasn’t an option as I love to manage my property alone.

I had eventually opted to sell the website on an online forum, making 3,200USD for it’s purchase.

Below displays my Google Analytics stats from the periods of March 2009 – October 31 2009. Due to privacy reasons, the domain name will not be revealed.

Throughout this journey, I had realised that nothing else in life had intrigued and excited me as much as building and monetizing websites, it was and still is, my passion.

In February 2010, I had quit my job at the casino and had begun university life, this is where the next chapter begins.

Hi! I'm Daniel Law and I'm the founder of Big Vision SEO, an SEO firm based in Sydney, Australia. I spend most of my time reading, testing and posting everything there is to know about Search Engine Optimisation. For more SEO goodies, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

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  1. Jackson

    Awesome.. Inspiring Story Daniel… So for you too your Interest turned out to your profession… Looking forward for your upcoming story… I too felt like its my own story….
    I look for part two.. What happened after that..

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